Roommate Relationships

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Meeting a roommate for the first time is exciting and below is a list of things that each pair of roommates should talk about before move in day to ensure everyone is on the same page:
  • Study Time
  • Sleeping and personal grooming schedules
  • Cleaning
  • Television and stereo use - Noise control
  • Use of Personal Property (i.e. lending and borrowing)
  • Non-use of alcoholic beverages and/or drugs
  • Food (i.e. sharing)
  • Morning and evening schedules
  • Communication Styles - How do I express that you are bugging me and not hurt your feelings? How do I tell you I’m not happy?
  • Flexibility
  • Locking the room/apartment doors
  • Guests - When are they ok?
  • Sharing expenses (i.e. cleaning supplies, toilet paper, etc.)


Roommate Agreements

In order to help roommates take ownership and responsibility while in their room, USA Housing incorporates a Roommate Agreement to make this a reality. This docusment is intended to encourage talks and agreements about matters relating to living as roommates as listed above.

About the Process: Together, residents talk and develop a set of criteria by which all residents of the room/apartment will agree to live by, using the Roommate Agreement as an outline. Each member will be held accountable for the contents of the document they had part in creating.

Note: All decisions must be consistent with the USA Housing Community Standards, the Housing Contract Terms and Conditions, and the Student Code of Conduct.