Course Development


The ILC provides comprehensive course design and development services for on-campus, blended, and online courses. Experienced instructional designers work with individual faculty members and departments to design courses for the enhancement of student learning experiences.

We are now able to help faculty significantly improve the quality of the materials in their courses by directly assisting in the development of those materials.  These services can vary from things like improving course navigation or learning objectives to developing instructional video or multimedia presentations.

  • Current course redesign and development projects are taking place within ALISA – the Active Learning Initiative at South Alabama. Click here for details about this initiative.
  • Recent program development has included the new Instructional Design and Performance Improvement (IDPI) BA program that allows students to complete their undergraduate degree online and opens the door to the increasingly diverse job opportunities available in this region, or advanced graduate study.

To support the launch of the IDPI BA program, members of the ILC staff worked alongside Dr. Joe’l Lewis, IDPI BA program director, to develop ISD 301: Trends and Issues in Instructional Design and Performance Improvement. This course provides an overview of the field of instructional design and is part of the first semester of required courses for IDPI majors.

  • Past course development initiatives included a ten-member team that completely redesigned and produced the CA 110 (Public Speaking) blended course in the 2013-14 academic year. The redesign process included the creation of interactive multimedia presentations and videos to deliver course content.  The course also includes non-graded games that review course materials. After going through an extensive quality control phase within the ILC, the course was awarded official Quality Matters certification.  It is now being used for all blended sections of the course.