Graduate Student Teaching Skills Certificate

Graduate Students Teaching
The Graduate Student Teaching Skills Certificate at the University of South Alabama is designed to provide graduate students with the skills and strategies necessary for becoming effective educators in higher education or professional training. The curriculum will focus on teaching skills for in the classroom and online. It will also familiarize graduate students with curriculum design and the use of instructional technologies. This voluntary certification program is open to all graduate students. 
The Graduate Student Teaching Skills Certification Program provides USA graduate students with approximately 40 hours of basic skills, strategies, and experiences to prepare for a career that will involve the delivery of education or training.

Workshop Detail

Fundamentals of Course Design

This session will focus on the basics of course design, from course topics and learner analysis to creating a framework for student-centered learning activities.

Classroom Presentation Skills

 You don’t want to just stand up at the front of the classroom and read from your prepared notes. You don’t want to show a Power Point and just read from the slides.  But how can you make your classroom an interesting place where students will be eager to listen to you and to join in class activities with enthusiasm?  Classroom presentation skills are the answer! In this workshop you will learn how to present your content in ways that encourage good listening and participation.

Motivating Your Students

This session will present three practical theories of motivation that can be easily applied to helping students be more engaged in instructional activities in the classroom and online.

Aligning Objectives & Assessments Part 1

In this first of a two-part workshop, participants will practice using taxonomies to classify learning outcomes, construct thorough three-component objectives, and align assessment items with meaningful learning outcomes.

Aligning Objectives & Assessments Part 2

This is a continuation of the previous assessment workshop. Levels of the cognitive domain will be used to create subject-area questions for class discussions, group activities, or student assignments.

Active Learning Strategies

This session will provide participants with an array of in-class activities that can transform the classroom from a passive, instructor-based environment to a vibrant, student-centered learning space.

Collaborative Learning Strategies 

This session will introduce participants to collaborative instructional strategies that can be used in courses to improve students' reasoning, problem solving, social interaction, and critical thinking skills.

USAonline Fundamentals

This four-part series of workshops introduces participants to the University's learning management system, USAonline. It is offered on campus or online and covers getting started, content delivery, assessment, and communication in the online environment.

Teaching with Technology Workshops.

These workshops introduce participants to a wide variety of instructional technologies. More importantly, they present effective pedagogical strategies for using these technologies to improve student learning. 

Teaching Observation.

Participants in the Graduate Student Teaching Skills Certification Program will observe two experienced instructors in their discipline and write a brief reflection on the instructional strategies employed in the classroom.


This teaching improvement technique provides new instructors with the opportunity to practice in front of a small group of peers. Each participant will deliver a brief lesson (15-20 minutes) and receive feedback on his or her performance.

SoTL Research Topic Review.

Participants will prepare a short, structured research topic review using the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning literature related to their academic content area.

Service at ILC Teaching Events.

Each participant will provide administrative or logistical support at Teaching and Learning events offered by the ILC or other campus programs (e.g., Faculty Development Day, CoTL, Summer Academy, Team-Based Learning Summer Workshops, etc.).