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After 9 years of using Sakai, South Alabama is changing its learning management system (LMS). It’s “Bye Bye Sakai” and “Hello Canvas”. The Innovation in Learning Center within the Office of Academic Affairs has recommended Canvas after an 8-month review process that included vendor demonstrations, hands-on testing by a campus task force of faculty, staff and students and conversations with other institutions who have made the transition from Sakai. By moving to Canvas, the university community will be able to access a modern LMS with intuitive tools for building courses and learning with them, mobile apps for faculty and students, easier collaboration and feedback using multimedia tools and enhanced grading capabilities. 

 Upcoming Canvas Fundamentals Courses

  • October 24:       1pm - 5pm (ILC Classroom)
  • October 25:       8am - 12pm (ILC Classroom)
  • November 19:   1pm - 5pm (ILC Classroom)
  • December 12:   9am - 1pm (ILC Classroom)

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