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University of South Alabama has an official partnership with Top Hat as a centrally supported active learning technology.

Top Hat's active learning platform helps professors engage and motivate students in online, blended and face-to-face classes. Top Hat helps you engage students in and out of the classroom through cutting-edge polling software, low-cost interactive content, flexible homework systems, and secure test-taking solutions. Top Hat also offers instructional design services to prep courses, train and work one-on-one with instructors to ensure they’re fully ready to use Top Hat for the first day of class and beyond.

Top Hat

Benefits of Using Top Hat

  • Virtual classroom streaming and lecture recordings enable you to run your class synchronously or asynchronously.
  • Live chat and discussions allow students to raise their hands to ask questions, communicate with each other and engage with course material via text and emojis.
  • Accessibility features to make your course flexible and accessible including video replays and transcripts of lectures.
  • Choose from fourteen different interactive question types such as multiple choice, matching, sorting, short-answer, numeric answer, click-on-target, fill in the blank and more.
  • All responses and participation grades are captured in the Top Hat gradebook for students to access any time. Professors receive regular data-driven insights to help identify at-risk students.
  • Grades and participation data can be easily exported to Canvas.
  • Automatically take attendance (in-person or remotely) using Top Hat’s market-leading attendance technology.
  • Adopt or create a customizable interactive textbook.
  • Securely administer quizzes, tests and exams on students’ devices.
  • Top Hat is an all-in-one platform that includes the above features and more in one place.

Special Top Hat Pricing for USA Students (2020-21)

4 months [$28]
1-year [$45]
4-years [$90]

*The subscription applies to the full Top Hat platform including Virtual Classroom, Classroom, Assignment and Test. Low-cost textbooks and free resources are also available to use with the platform.

Getting Started with Top Hat

For Faculty

To schedule a personalized demonstration or learn more about implementing Top Hat in your course, please complete the form below. Top Hat’s dedicated Education Technology Specialist will get in touch with you.

Click here to request more information about Top Hat.
If you need help signing up, contact Engi Lim at
Instructors can also find resources and how-to’s in the Top Hat Success Center by clicking here.

Faculty Helpful links:

For Students
Visit our student’s webpage for more information.
If you need assistance with your Top Hat account or subscription please contact Top Hat’s support team directly at or call 1-888-663-5491.

Information for students:

If you have any questions please contact Top Hat’s support team directly at or call 1-888-663-5491.