Transparency in Learning and Teaching

What is TILT?

Transparency in learning and teaching (TILT) was developed by Mary- Ann Winkelman, PhD and others from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Transparency in learning and teaching aims at improving the quality of higher education experience for both the faculty and students.

Students when exposed to transparent assignments gain academic confidence, sense of belonging and improve their employability skills. On the other hand the satisfaction level of the faculty improves when their students meet their expectations.


How Can I Use TILT?

Transparent framework helps in transforming assignments and activities to makes it clear and understandable. It bridges the gap between instructor’s expectation of the outcome and students understanding of the assignment and its learning outcome.  Further, transparent teaching methods help students understand how and why they are learning course content in a particular way.

In our Twenty Minute Tuesday series our expert at South, Dr. Julie Estis, explains and demonstrates the ways and means to gain understanding about teaching and learning environment, and is available on the USA TMT (link)

Some examples