USAonline Fundamentals Competencies

USAonline Fundamentals Competencies

Below is a list of the competencies taught for each part of the USAonline Fundamentals Certification Program. If you can provide evidence that you have achieved all of these competencies, click here to request Do-It-Yourself certification from the ILC.


Part 1 USAonline

  • Log in to USAonline 
  • Understand the difference between Project and Course Sites
  • Review the list of tools available in USAonline
  • Create a project site
  • Add several tools to project site
  • Add Participants to project site
  • Learn about USAonline navigation tools
  • Create and publish a syllabus
  • Create folders and organize the Resources tool
  • Review the ILC/USAonline website (Workshops & Events, Accessibility, Quality Matters, Best Practices, etc. )


USAonline Part 2

  • Create groups
  • Build a test and adjust settings in the Test and Quizzes tool
  • Duplicate test and modify settings for Extra Time tests
  • Construct forums in the Forums tool
  • Create a meeting
  • Add images, documents, and web links to the Resources tool


Part 3 USAonline

  • Create an assignment using the Assignments tool
  • Submit an assignment as a Participant
  • Create a lesson using the Lessons Builder tool
      • Create a new page
      • Add text
      • Embed content – image and YouTube video
      • Add a content link
      • Add assignment from Assignment tool
      • Add test from Tests and Quizzes tool 
      • Add forum from Forums tools
      • Add a question and send to Gradebook
      • Add a new page
  • Edit permissions and settings in Lessons Builder


Part 4 USAonline

  • Grade an assignment in Assignments tools
  • Set up Gradebook (Categories)
  • Create categories and items in Gradebook
  • Understand difference between manually added items and linked items
  • Organize Gradebook
  • Modify Gradebook and item settings
  • Link Forums to Gradebook
  • Explore the Site Statistics tool
  • Import project site to new project site
  • Discuss Master Sites and suggestions
  • Explain accessibility measures
  • Review the ILC/USAonline website (Workshops & Events, Accessibility, Quality Matters, Best Practices, etc.)