Checklist Tool

What is a Checklist?

A checklist is a tool that allows the creation of a list of items a student has to complete during a unit, module or lesson.  Checklists serve a variety of purposes:

  • they allow students to self-monitor progress
  • manage their time more efficiently
  • facilitate course navigation
  • promote self-regulation.

How Can I use Checklists?

You can create checklists per unit/module/lesson listing the activities the students should complete, this tool can be used in face to face courses, web-enhanced, blended or online courses.  For instance, a checklist for the first week of class in an online course might include the reading the course syllabus, post a comment introducing themselves on a discussion forum , and submitting an assignment.  

Checklists are one of many ways to incorporate Universal Design for Learning (UDL) in your course, the UDL guideline “Executive Functions” refers to higher level human capacity to overcome short-term reactions and instead set long-term goals, and plans (CAST, 2018) Checklists follow under the checkpoint “support planning and strategy development” they can help  learners reach goals, and become strategic planners, by providing scaffolds that support their learning process.

In USAonline

You can incorporate checklists in your courses within USAonline and students can check each activity as they complete it, checklists can be included at the beginning of the lesson or at the end depending on your design and vision for the course.  However, take into consideration that checklists are tools help students manage their time, visualize and prioritize the activities or assignments in the weekly lesson.

Checklists are part of the tool repertoire in USAonline.  They can be created within each weekly unit, module, or lesson in USAonline.  You can follow the progress of the students with the checklist tool. Within USAonline you have access to view what items student have checked and which items they haven’t.  This allows you to monitor them as the lesson progresses. However, it is necessary to build a climate in the class around using the checklist as a tool to support students.