EvaluationKIT Access

EvaluationKIT is used by the University to manage Student Perceptions of Instruction (SPI) by using course and user information stored in Canvas. Student responses are kept anonymous and all data is collected for later reporting to department administrators and instructors.

▼   Roles

When using EvaluationKIT, it is best to start with an understanding of the three primary roles.

Administrator: Each Dean, Department Chair, and authorized staff will have access to SPI response rates and reports for courses in their unit. Access to results is granted three days after final grades have posted.

Instructor: Each course being evaluated is required to have one or more instructors. Instructors have the ability to see the response rate for their courses and is given access to their results three days after final grades have posted.

Students: Each class being evaluated must have at least one student. Students reply to the SPI evaluation and their answers are used to create the results for the evaluation. All student answers are kept anonymous.

▼   How to log into EvaluationKIT

You now have three options to log into your EvaluationKIT account:

  1. EMAIL: Use the access link that you receive from southsurveys@southalabama.edu during the evaluation period. 
  2. CANVAS: Use the EvaluationKIT Course link in the Global Navigation on the left of your screen. 
  3. SSO: Use the single sign-on link located on the All Applications A-Z web page. 

If you are having trouble logging in you may not be authorized to access EvaluationKIT. The EvaluationKIT link is only to be used by enrolled Students, Faculty, Administrators, and authorized staff. 

Please contact southsurveys@southalabama.edu for more information.