June 2019, the university adopted EvaluationKIT software as a replacement for Class Climate. EvaluationKIT is an innovative evaluation platform that will give us a better way to administer student perceptions of instructions (SPI) as well as other general surveys. It is also easy to use via web or mobile devices.

Completing SPIs is very important and helpful for instructors and the university. All SPIs can be accessed via a single link that will be distributed along with other related correspondence from our new university survey email address southsurveys@southalabama.edu or through Canvas.

In order to protect student anonymity, instructors, deans and chairs will only be able to view overall results after final grades have been posted. This will allow students to provide candid responses to the SPI.

For instructors, EvaluationKIT provides various reporting options to view SPI results as well as response rates. SPI results are also available through Canvas.

University deans and chairs are able to access EvaluationKIT to obtain detailed reports related to their college and/or department.

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