The Office of Institutional Effectiveness’ mission is to develop, support, evaluate, and document the extent to which the institution engages in a cycle of planning, budgeting, and assessment that drives continuous improvement in institutional quality and demonstrates that the University is accomplishing its mission.


Areas of Focus:

  • Strategic Planning including development of the University’s strategic plan and alignment of planning activities throughout the University.
  • Institutional assessment of USA’s strategic plan and support for quality assessment in administrative and academic units.
  • Academic assessment of the University’s General Education student learning outcomes and support for quality assessment in academic programs.
  • Institutional survey program to gather information about the perceptions and experiences of faculty, staff, students, alumni, and community members that might inform improvements in the University.
  • Student Evaluation of Teaching
  • Class Climate maintenance and technical support
  • Tracdat maintenance and technical support


Other areas of responsibility:

  • Center for Academic Service Learning and Civic Engagement
  • Administrative policy alignment and communication
  • Faculty Handbook
  • Academic Affairs Bulletin Content
  • Academic Calendar
  • Alabama General Studies Curriculum (AGSC)
  • Department Chair Professional Development
  • Quality Enhancement Plan