Deadlines for Admission

The International Application for Admission and all required documents must be received no later than these established deadlines. Applications completed after the deadline will be considered for the next available session.

For deadlines related to the English Language Center, please click here.

Out of the United States Priority Deadlines:  
Fall Semester (August) June 15                 
Spring Semester (January) November 1
Summer Semester (June) April 1
In the United States Priority Deadlines:  
Fall Semester (August) July 15               
Spring Semester (January) December 1
Summer Semester (June) May 1
Some Graduate Programs Have Different Deadlines:                                                                
Accounting Master's                                July 15 (Fall) / Dec.1 (Spring)
Audiology Ph.D. February 1
Basic Medical Sciences Ph.D. March 31 (Fall Only)
Business Administration MBA July 15 (Fall Only)
Business Administration Ph.D. October 15 (May Admission)
Clinical/Council Psy. Ph.D. December 15 (Fall only)
Environmental Toxicology Master's March 1
Instructional Design Ph.D. June 15
Marine Science Master's / Ph.D. February 1 (Fall only)
Nursing Accelerated April 1
Occupational Therapy Master's January 15
Physician Assistant Master's November 1
Physical Therapy DPT October 15
Psychology Master's January 15 (Fall Only)
Speech/Hearing Master's/Ph.D. February 1