Mind's Eye

Mind's Eye art
Mind's Eye Art 2

Vanessa Quintana

Aug 1-Oct 31, 2018.
1st Floor Art Gallery
Marx Library

Artist's Statement

I have always been deeply fascinated by eyes. The incredible details and colorations, the idea of understanding through different perspectives, and everything in that bewildering space between awareness and transcendence, all greatly influence my work. The imagery of the third eye, disembodied yet conscious eyeballs, cyclops creatures, and deities surrounded by celestial and earthly elements commonly appear in my watercolor and marker illustrations.

While some people consider daydreaming a distraction, I believe it is a worthy exercise of imagination, and I encourage its usefulness for self-discovery. I draw inspiration from those dreams and from music, film, philosophical conversations, psychological concepts, religious imagery, other artists and thinkers, and the amazing intricacies of the natural and synthetic world.

Through my art, I contemplate the cyclical nature of life and death and the separation from that cycle. I express that the human biology is rooted in the earth and thus kin to it. I attempt to explore the human consciousness, its dark expanses and hidden truths, as if it were the undiscovered arena of outer space. I observe the microcosm and macrocosm, I ponder its infinite and united nature, and I beg my audience to do the same.

My goal is to live my best life and share my ideas about the universe through my artwork. If I have some grand purpose, I believe it is to make the world around me a more beautiful, thoughtful, and honest place and to influence people to keep their eyes and minds open and question everything, including themselves.