My Black is Beautiful

My Black is BeautifulTaKharii Williams - Her exhibit will be in the Mary Elizabeth and Charles Bernard Rodning Gallery January/February 2019

TaKharii Williams – Artist Statement

What do I want to say with my art?

Celebrate the human race as one, the marks people make on the world. Treasure the local, the small-scale, the eccentric, and the ordinary. Respect what people have built for themselves, as an individual, as a people, and as humanity.

With my art, I decontextualize. Then, I reconstruct.

Looking past the evident, close observation and engagement of the subject is my process. The challenge is to see beyond the diversion of the obvious to capture its unique self. Some of my subjects are quite beautiful, others less so. My goal is to inspire those who see my work to look more carefully at the world around them, to discover beauty in varied and unusual places.”

My black is Beautiful
My black is Beautiful
My black is Beautiful