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The mission of the certificate program in leadership development through the Office of Multicultural Student Affairs at the University of South Alabama is to empower students by providing the requisite leadership knowledge, skills and experiences needed to lead creative and generous lives in public affairs, with intelligence and compassion.

Fostering your Inner Leadership

▼   Program Objective
To develop a comprehensive, integrated and interactive leadership certification program designed to coach, train, and prepare students and student organizational leaders with the skills, best practice and resources needed to confidentially and successfully position themselves for on campus leadership roles and accelerate their leadership effectiveness to advance their career aspirations pre and post graduation.
▼   Program Overview

The iLead Leadership institute is a 6 week program consisting of interactive activities and development training workshop to enhance the acquisition of student leaders’ knowledge and skills with tools for professional, intellectual, and personal development. Each participant will learn how to critically evaluate his or her own leadership proficiency and business skills. iLead will be held on the Thursdays listed below from 5:00 PM to 6:30 PM.

September 9th - Session 1: The Power of Visionary Thinking

September 16th - Session 2: Expand your Vision 

September 23rd - Session 3: Launch your personal Brand of Leadership

September 30th - Session 4: Stand up and Be noticed in a Dynamic Way

October 21st -   Session 5: Effective Team Collaboration and Communication

November 4th - Session 6: Resume Building Workshop


The iLead Capstone is the end of the program celebratory event and it will take place on Tuesday, November 9th.

▼   Benefits of joining:
A certificate of completion will be presented to each participant at an award ceremony, potential recognition on the iLead website, opportunity to become a program ambassador, opportunities for leadership and mentorship, growth in leadership skills for pre and post graduation success as well as resume building. This program will allow you to create a personal mission statement, develop S.M.A.R.T Goals and build a portfolio to reference for guidance in your personal and professional life.
▼   Sign Up

To register for our Fall 2021 Cohort of iLead Leadership Institute, please visit the OMSA portal on Involve South, and look for the form entitled "Fall 2021 iLead Leadership Institute Registration" If you have questions, please email us at