Completed Projects

Completed Projects
0002 - Lack of information and instructions regarding Student Travel
0003 - Invoice Approval Layers Inefficient (cumbersome)
0005 - Campus Post Office needs a way to accept Debit Card
0007 - Extend the Banner Timeout feature
0008 - Need an electronic process for voluntary student trips
0009 - Need electronic timesheets and process 
0012 - Streamline the class syllabus
0016 - Rewrite the Faculty Handbook and use the Faculty Senate to assist with the administration staff
0017 - Clear processes are needed for grant transfers and processing times
0018 - Pay an invoice for two different vendors - use vendor pools
0019 - Blocked website software that the University uses provides unreasonable censorship
0020 - One key phone number is needed to be published that will reach a person in departments that utilize phone trees 
0021 - Employee ID's are renewed too often
0024 - Contracts take too long to process, streamline the procedures and have a way to review the status of the contract.
0025 - Signage around campus is poor. Better method for visitors to know how to obtain a pass is needed.
0029 - Campus-wide purchasing agreements affect the Hospital. Input from the Hospitals are needed on all campus-wide contracts
0031/0051 - Improve and streamline the Faculty Application Process.
0032 - Streamline HR hiring process
0033 - Temp Labor for Hospitals need to be handled in HR to ensure ID badge, flu shots, orientation training and appropriate documentation.
0034 - Centralize Heath System control and forms over employees including faculty who leave - remove badges, system access, keys and PA termination papers for all departments.
0037 - Discontinue HR interviewing for internal positions on campus and remove the typing test requirement for clerical positions.
0038 - Establish a website for students to see which departments are looking for student assistants.
0039 - Eliminate Budget Office review of leave of absence PA forms.  Why do we have a PA personnel leave form with multiple signatures required? 
0040 - Establish an information booth at the front of campus to assist individuals looking for various offices and buildings.
0041 - Eliminate the employee discount form for purchases at the bookstore - maybe account for them by a code in the register.
0042 - Eliminate the notary requirement for all travel forms.
0043 - Streamline student PA forms. Why do they go to Enrollment Services over a certain dollar amount and then to budget prior to going to Payroll.
0044 - Change the name of the travel form.  Require only VP/President approval if they traveler is a direct report or traveling internationally.  Including student travel forms also.
0046 - Is VP approval for authorization to provide services needed unless it has a conflict of interest.
0047 - Improve the faculty assignment of email address prior to the official PA being received.
0048 - Revise the Part-time faculty appointment form to add instructions for graduate school appointments and remove the signoff by IRPA.
0049 - Improve the method of routing calls campus wide.
0051 - Allow departments to accept faculty applications online
0052 - Create an intranet like the Hospitals to allow for sensitive policies, procedures and instructions to be available to key employees.0052 - Create an intranet like the Hospitals to allow for sensitive policies, procedures and instructions to be available to key employees.
0053 - Increase University bid threshold from $5,000 to the State limit of $15,000 without the approval of the VP.
0054 - Student Employee Hours Policy
0055 - Faculty/Staff parking permit reciprocity among campuses
0059 - LPO process is complicated and confusing needs streamlining
0062 - A written policy regarding the hiring process is needed.
0063 - Need a software system to manage application and search process like University of North Carolina Wilmington
0064- Review Bursar's Office necessary tax documents for employee tuition reimbursements for proper procedures
0066 - Streamline distribution of course evaluations to faculty. Mandate completion of course evaluations
0067 - All travel regardless of amount requires VP approval.  Appears to be excessive signature authority.
0068 - Booking space and classrooms need a streamlined electronic process and approach
0069 - Too much paperwork is needed for leave. From a vacation to a leave of absence.
0071 - Parking Citation cancellation should not require a memo from the Department Chair.
0072 - Reporting of academic misconduct and cheating procedures are not effective and need improvement.
0074 - Improve late registration process to be electronic and not a carbon paper manual process.
0075 - To improve operations a centralized grant officer office is needed to support grant applications.
0077 - Improve/streamline petty cash reimbursements for small amounts.
0078 - Allow for payroll deduction for faculty/staff hang tags. Credit cards should not be the only option.
0079 - Food Use Forms appear to be in duplicate and should be combined and efficient.
0083 - Extension of Incomplete Form needs to be submittable online to the Registrar's Office and the approvals needed need to be reevaluated.
0084 - Renewal of Faculty Status process needs to be reviewed for efficiency and need.
0085 - Streamline the faculty appointment to the graduate school
0086 - Overrides needed for a grade of 'D' before retaking the course process needs to be reviewed. Why a 'D', when no 'F' procedure is needed.
0089 - Electronically route new course proposals
0090 - Need enrollment/admissions management software
0096 - Discontinue $3.00 anniversary voucher
0097 - Maintenance Practice of large staff groups dispatched for small one man jobs process and procedure needs review.
101 - Determine if printable version of Faculty/Staff Directory is still needed
102 - Route voicemail to email is needed
103 - The Extension of Incomplete form should be web-submittable to the Registrar's Office. In addition, the signature of the Chair and Dean is unnecessary and also an obstacle.
105 - HR needs to streamline the hiring process and provide Departmental access to the applicant pool and applications. The hiring process takes too long - in most cases months - the Departments have to take on the excess duties or have to hire temp workers to survive.
109 - Secretarial staff positions qualifications need revising to include modern standards of computer skills (Word, Excel) - not typing skills.
111 - View staff applications online and assist in selection process
114 - Issues with Bulk Email (Digest)
117 - Travel Reimbursement Process Surrogate
118 - Cumbersome Travel Reimbursement Documentation
119 - Possibility of electronic travel approval and reimbursement process?
120 - Reduce number of forms for Guest Speaker Agreement
122 - Graduate Admissions improvement
123 - Departmental Teller Line Needed
125 - Registrar's Office-Improve Transfers
129 - Out of state tuition for In-state students
133 - Student Annual Awards