Work in Progress

Improvement Number Status
0001 - University needs a way to purchase items online:  Purchasing Card (P-card)  In-Progress
0010 - Streamline Consulting Agreements  In-Progress
0011 - Update Accounting procedures on the USA website In-Progress
0013 - USA needs a University Motor Pool In-Progress
0014 - All forms on campus should be available online and a easy way to navigate or search for a form including when to use this form and Q&A area. In-Progress
0015 - "How to's" are needed for faculty and staff not just for accounting forms In-Progress
0030 - Vendor's who travel have to agree to a 104 page document.  Need a way to abbreviate and expedite the process In-Progress
0045 - Streamline direct pays, requisitions, and payments In-Progress
0056 - Mail outs to the Faculty/Staff are done in duplicate In-Progress
0058 - The University can not pay a visiting scholar J1 visa but other Universities can - what is the reason that we cannot. In-Progress
0060 - Updated forms online should be advertised to the users by email or other sources instead of being reprimanded for using the wrong one. In-Progress
0061 - Travel reimbursements for job candidates are cumbersome and unfair. In-Progress
0070 - Textbook orders from faculty should be handled online including the Chair's approval In-Progress
0076 - To improve grant purchases eliminate the review by the Business Office and depend on the PI for allowable purchase decisions. In-Progress
0080 - The travel log and travel form should be updated together and the traveler should not have to duplicate their effort. In-Progress
0091 - Move Change of Major forms on-line In-Progress
0094 - Book Order In-Progress
104 - A check box on the Residency Checklist form for University employees that state they need a letter from HR is needed to decrease the confusion of where this letter should come from. In addition, a University employee should not have to go to HR to request a letter when the Registrar's Office could just verify by a call to HR or retrieve this information within Banner. In-Progress
106 - To improve classroom involvement we need to provide photos of students to the faculty.  We have student photos on record with student id's but they are not linked to a class roster or USAonline site. In-Progress
107 – In order to improve overall processing within the University could we consider implementation of an electronic/digital signature and approval process? In-Progress
110 -  Administrative Appointment to the Graduate school In-Progress
112 - Reevaluate the Graduate School deadline for thesis and dissertations. In-Progress
121 - Bulk Upload of Grades via USAonline In-Progress
124 - Two notaries in Student Center In-Progress
126 - University Policy Manual In-Progress
127 - LPO limits In-Progress
128- Schedule of classes In-Progress
135 - Project Narrative Approval Process In-Progress
136 - Student Registration Fees Active