Additional Services

  • Mailing
  • Binding Perfect
  • Binding Coils
USA Publication Services offers a variety of other services...we have all media communication covered.

Variable Data

  • Customize and personalize every document for each recipient on your list.
  • Change text, graphics, or the whole document to add that personal touch and increase response rates.

Mailing Services


There are many advantages to using bulk mail. The most important advantage is saving money. Bulk mail prices are significantly lower than single-piece prices. There are three different types of bulk mail indicias: non-profit, pre-sort standard, and pre-sort first class. Bulk mail requires quantities of at least 200 for non-profit and pre-sort standard while pre-sort first class requires at least 500 pieces. We can help you decide which type of bulk mail is right for your mailing.


If your mailing does not meet bulk mail requirements or you would prefer not to use an indicia, the campus post office will meter each piece of mail.


Are you sending a mailing that requests a reply from the recipient? Consider business reply mail. Business reply envelopes consistently have higher response rates than those requiring respondents to affix a stamp. Additionally, a business reply envelope facilitates a quicker response because your address is already converted into a U.S. Post Office approved barcode.


Bindery and Finishing


  • Coils and Combs
  • Perfect Binding (glue, used for large numbers of pages)
  • Saddle Stitch (2 staples in the fold)


  • Stapling
  • Hole Punching


We can laminate from a business card (2”x3.5”) to a large banner ranging up to 40” wide.