OHP Enrollment

Enrollment in the Occupational Health Program (OHP) is required. This can be accomplished by going to forms and templates in IRBNet and downloading the IACUC OHP Enrollment Pkg (Questionnaire) under the IACUC for researchers library. Once the forms are completed via computer, email all forms to the University of South Alabama Mobile Diagnostic Group (USAMDC) at They will call you to schedule an appointment to review the documents with a physician.

The University of South Alabama Occupational Health Program Manual is located in the forms and templates section of IRBNet.

This following form must be completed and approved by the Director of the Biological Resources Laboratory if an individual chooses to not participate in the Occupational Health Program.


If an incident occurs involving animal or biosafety related activities, it must be reported to the University IMMEDIATELY and an incident report must be completed within 72 hours via the logon link below.

Incident Reporting Instructions

Incident Reporting Logon