Exscien Corporation

Exscien Corporation

Primary Technology: Fusion Protein for mitochondrial DNA damage repair

President: Christine Chancery
Executive Vice President: Steve Cumbie
Chief Scientific Officer: Dr. Glenn Wilson
Scientific Advisor: Dr. Mark Gillespie (Professor and Chairman, Department of Pharmacology)

Company/Tech Description:

Exscien licensed a USA College of Medicine technology, which is a novel “fusion protein” targeting DNA repair enzymes to mitochondria. In animal and human cells, the new agents block onset of and ameliorate ongoing mtDNA damage and prevent formation of injury-propagating mtDNA fragments. As opposed to current reactive oxygen species scavenging technologies, Exscien’s fusion protein drugs will repair mtDNA damage without interfering with the positive effects of oxygen species.


Mark Gillespie, PhD
Department of Pharmacology, College of Medicine University of South Alabama
Mobile, AL 36688
Office: (251) 460-6497 mgillesp@southalabama.edu

News Link: http://search.al.com/gillespie+AND+exscien/1/all/?date_range=all