Events Can Encourage Diversity

Posted on May 9, 2016 by Melva L. Jones, Director
Melva L. Jones, Director

Events Can Encourage Diversity data-lightbox='featured'

Let’s be honest, “diversity and inclusion” have been buzz words in many professional environments for some time. Yet, despite this reality, it is rare that I hear the word diversity in most event planning conversations. Event planners—Great news!—you can be part of encouraging diversity within your events by considering a few simple questions with your planning group. Don’t believe me? Try asking the following questions the next time you plan an event and you might surprise yourself:


Potential question


Aspect of diversity potentially included in your event

Is our program developed in a manner to reach different learning styles?


 Learning, Ability

Have we sufficiently included gender, race, and age diversity in our program?


Race, Gender, Age

Have we created an environment that is suited for someone with physical limitations?



If we had a deaf or multi-lingual attendee, are we prepared for them?


Language, Ability

Did we consider that many people are transitioning to eating healthier options when designing our menu?


Diet, Spirituality  

In our community there are those who practice a wide variety of religions, and many who practice none at all. Regardless of my own beliefs, have I thought outside of the box about who to invite to offer a motivational message?




Do you need to ask these questions for each event? No, but if you see a question that resonates with you as you are thinking through your next event, you have a great opportunity to encourage your colleagues to consider diversity beyond race and gender. The questions above challenge you to expand your event to reach different age groups, spiritual groups, ability, and dietary diversity.

Did you recently have a diversity event conversation? If so, how did it go? Or, even better, did you include diversity within your event? We would love to hear from you. Happy planning!

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