Campus Recreation Policies

Campus Rec


▼   Conduct Policy
All patrons are expected to abide by the established rules and regulations for the Student Recreation Center as well as all USA policies and procedures. Failure to follow the rules and regulations governing the Student Recreation Center and its programmed activities will result in disciplinary action including possible removal from the Student Recreation Center and suspension of privileges as well as possible referral to Judicial Affairs
▼   Locker Room Policy
Lockers may be used daily for free. Locks must be removed each day. Lockers may also be rented. Small lockers are $3 per month and large lockers are $5 per month (You must provide your own lock.) Towels may be rented for $3 per month. If you would like to rent both lockers and towels the charge is $5 per month for a small locker and towel and $7 for a large locker and towel.
▼   Guest Policy
Guest fee is $10 per person, per day. Member must accompany and be present at signing guest in. Only 2 guests allowed per member. Please provide photo id.
▼   Dependent Policy

Dependent hours are restricted, children under the age of 17 may only use the Student Recreation Center during the dependent hours listed below.

Dependent Hours
Friday 4pm-11pm, Saturday 8am-9pm, Sunday 1pm-9pm

As defined by the Department of Campus Recreation for the purpose of accessing the Student Recreation Center, a dependent status exists anywhere there is a parent or legal guardian/child relationship. The member will be asked to provide evidence that this relationship exists at the time he/she completes the dependent waiver form. Member will be charged for membership for up to two dependents. After two, additional dependents will be free of charge.

Dependent's Level of Access

  • Age up to 3:  Only permitted in swimming pools with direct supervision during dependent hours.  Swimming diapers are required.
  • Age 3-9:  Permitted to use swimming pool and indoor soccer court (if not already occupied by other members) during dependent hours.  Direct supervision required.
  • Age 6+: Permitted to use the rock wall during dependent hours.  Children must wear climbing shoes, be able to climb on their own, and parents must be present.  Our climbing shoes start at Size 2.
  • Age 10-15:  Permitted to use track, swimming pool, climbing wall, multi-purpose courts, indoor soccer court,  racquetball courts,  and participate in SouthFit classes with direct parent/guardian supervision* during dependent hours.
  • Age 16:  Permitted in all areas of the Student Recreation Center with indirect parent/guardian supervision** during dependent  hours
  • Age 17+:  Permitted in all areas of the Student Recreation Center without parent/guardian supervision.  Not restricted to dependent hours.  These members should be prepared to present a second form of identification showing their age.

All dependents using the Recreation Center must have a membership and an ID to access the facility.

*Direct supervision is defined as being in the same room no further than 20 feet apart.  Parent/guardian MUST be actively participating in the same activity as the dependent, e.g. playing basketball together, playing racquetball together, swimming together, etc.  This does not mean that the parent can be, for example, in a group exercise class while the dependent sits along the wall and watches.

**Indirect supervision is defined as parent/legal guardian being in the facility at the same time as the dependent; however, both are not required to be in the same area.

▼   Kids' Play Zone Policy

Kids’ Play Zone Hours:  
Monday – Friday 8:00am-11:00am 3:30pm-8:00pm
Saturday 9am-4pm
Sunday 1pm-6:30pm

  1. Only members' dependents are allowed to use the Kids' Play Zone
  2. Members must remain in the Student Recreation Center and may not leave the building while their dependents are in the Kids' Play Zone.
  3. There is a limit of 7 children at a time in the Kids' Play Zone. Access is on a first-come-first-serve basis.
  4. Children can stay in the Kids' Play Zone for a maximum of two hours per visit.
  5. Children must be potty trained and between the ages of 3-10 to utilize this service.
  6. The parent/legal guardian who drops the child off must be the same parent/legal guardian who picks up the child. No  exceptions  will be made to this policy, unless made with a professional staff member with both parents/guardians present.
  7. The use of the Kids' Play Zone does not require a dependent membership. However, use of any other areas in the Student Recreation Center will require purchase of a membership.
  8. Children may bring water in a sippy cup or sports bottle into the Kids' Play Zone, but no other food or drinks are allowed.
▼   Intramurals Policies
  1. Teams with more than two alumni members (3 for softball) on their roster (players that are not currently enrolled at the University) will not be eligible for the All-University Playoff tournament. Also Alumni teams will be ineligible for championship shirts and All-University trophies.
  2. If there are enough alumni teams participating in that sport, an open division playoff will be created and a winner will be determined.
  3. Current ID for each team member must be presented at the first game. Student names and numbers will be verified on the field house computer weekly. Only roster players will be eligible for each game.
  4. Players cannot be added to the team roster after their last regular season game.
  5. USA Intramurals is open to all currently enrolled students, staff, faculty and alumni.
  6. Players are limited to only one team per league per sport. (Fraternities cannot have a minor league system).
  7. Teams caught using ineligible players can face game losses, or player and team suspensions,
  8. Prior to any participation in the intramural program, all participants must sign the injury release and team roster form. Managers are responsible for making sure that new players are added to the roster book before their participation in any intramural game.
  9. Alumni Policy:
    1. Alumni fees are good for one semester ($25 per semester)
    2. All Alumni players must pay their Alumni fees prior to their participation in a game
    3. Any player who participates without paying the $25 fee will be charged $35
    4. Teams are responsible for all Alumni fees
    5. All players in the playoffs must bring a photo ID to all playoff games.

Forfeit/Default Policy

  1. A forfeit will be called if a team is not prepared to play within five minutes of the scheduled game time. NO EXCEPTIONS.
  2. To avoid a forfeit, a team must email the Intramural office of their intention not to play by 3pm of the day of their game with the exception of Sunday games. The team must then emailed by 3pm on Friday.
  3. A team is allowed ONE forfeit or default per sport.
  4. The minimum number of players to avoid a forfeit is 2 (1 bsk) less than the regulation number.
  5. If a team forfeits during a season, their forfeit fee will increase to $40 dollars for the following season/sport.

Rescheduled Games

Due to limited availability, we will not be able to reschedule games.

Cancellations Due to Weather or Scheduling Conflicts

  1. Each team captain is responsible for contacting the intramural office about rescheduled dates and times for any canceled games.
  2. Teams are responsible for contacting the intramural office at 461-1627 concerning the cancellations of games due to weather conditions.


  1. Unsportsmanlike conduct can result in warnings, suspensions, or expulsions.
  2. While on suspension, a player cannot participate or spectate in any aspect of the recreation program including rec center privileges.
  3. Threatening an official will always mandate an automatic suspension for the remainder of the year.
  4. Cussing/swearing will not be tolerated in our Intramural program.
  5. Smoking and alcohol are prohibited during Intramural events and on intramural grounds.
  6. Unsportsmanlike conduct includes but not limited to: disrespecting opponents, running up the score, taunting, disrespecting the game, verbal abuse to the officials etc. These offenses will result in team penalties such as dropping in playoff seeding, team suspensions and team expulsions.
  7. If a team accumulates an excessive number of unsportsmanlike infractions throughout a season they will be disqualified from regular season and playoff competition. The unsportsmanlike infractions accumulate or carry over throughout the Intramural year and will result in team disqualification from regular season play and the playoffs.


  1. Inform game officials at the time of the protest.
  2. Turn in a written protest within 24 hours to the Coordinator of Intramural Activities.
  3. Misapplications of rules, not judgment, are grounds for protest.


  1. Be patient while we train the officiating staff.
  2. Student officials attend preseason mandatory clinics and nightly workshops prior to each night they work.

Free Agent Program

Individuals wanting to join a team can sign the free-agent sheet at the field house.


  1. Playoff teams will be given to the top half of each league in most cases.
  2. At large bids will be given when available to teams dependent on strength of schedule, when they’ve not had the opportunity to play everyone.
  3. In order to qualify they must have a .500 record.
  4. Seeding for all University tournaments are determined by the Intramural Staff and is not solely based on team records.
  5. All-U playoff tournaments will not necessarily be played on the teams regularly scheduled night. Usually All-U teams begin on Sunday.

Varsity Athlete Policy

  1. Limited number of varsity athletes are allowed to participate in intramural sports. Varsity athletes who participated during the current academic year are ineligible to play Intramurals in that particular sport. Varsity athletes will be defined as meeting one of the following:
    •  An athlete who is or was on a roster in a varsity sport at a 2 or 4 year institution within the past 5 years
    • Someone who has been on a varsity scholarship within the current academic school year
    • Redshirt athletes
    • Club Sport athletes
    • Traveling/Upper-classification softball players
    • The intramural program reserves the right to adjust teams accordingly for a competitive balance in the program

*The Intramural Coordinator reserves the right to define varsity athlete status for any player.

There is one varsity athlete per roaster. When the varsity athlete registers with IMLeagues, they must put (Va) after their last name to identify themselves.

Intramural Sport Corresponding Varsity Sport Number of Former Varsity Athletes Allowed

Soccer Soccer: 1

Flag Football N/A N/A

Inner Tube Waterpolo: N/A

Sand Volleyball: 0

Shortman Basketball: 0

Basketball: 1

Softball/Baseball: 4

Volleyball: 1

▼     Disk Golf Rules & Safety


Have fun and to play the course from beginning to end in the fewest throws.

Tee Off:

Tee throws must be released from within the designated area.


The spot where the disc lands.

Throwing Order:

Lowest score on previous hole tees first after the tee-off the player whose lie is farthest from the target throws first.

Fairway Throws:

Must be made from on the lies. A run-up and follow through is permitted.


Within 30 feet  of the target a player may not step past the lie when attempting a putt throw.

Hole Completion:

The lose is completed when the disc is in the basket or supported by the chains.

Out of Bounds:

A throw that lands out of bounds must be played from the point where the disc went out. All rounds, parking lots & permanent water are out of bounds ( 1 throw penalty).


Do not throw until all players and course users are out of range.


Course is closed after dark.


Play safe & smart. Do not throw from or across a road at any time. Watch for oncoming traffic before throws.

▼   Nature Trail Rules & Safety


Take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but footprints, kill nothing but time!

  • Pets are allowed on the trail Please clean up after your pets. Leashes are not mandatory. However, please ensure that your pet is on his/her best behavior.
  • Littering is prohibited on the trail.
  • Consumption of alcohol is prohibited on the USA Campus, including the trail.
  • Please do not disturb any wildlife you may encounter. 


  • Be aware of alligators and snakes.
  • Consumption of plants and fungi is at your own risk. Be advised that some species of berries and fungi may be toxic. Toxic fungi cannot always be identified based on appearance alone.
  • Watch where you walk at all times as trip hazards may present themselves at any time.
  • Report any trail hazard to or to Campus Recreation at (251) 460-6065.
▼   USA Sports Complex

The complex is for USA students, staff, and faculty only. USA ID is required to use the complex. The facility is police patrolled. There are no pets allowed within the complex. The facility is smoke free. The USA Sports Complex is administered by the Department of Campus Recreation.

▼   SGA Sports Complex

The SGA Pavilion is an impressive outdoor meeting place for USA organizations and groups. This spacious facility comfortably seats up to 120 at the large picnic tables. Enjoy some sand volleyball on two regulation sand volleyball courts, or play horseshoes and tetherball while your burgers sizzle on one of two brick grills. 

▼   Bruce David Lubel Memorial Tennis Courts

Located next to the USA Academic Support Center and Mitchell Center Parking Lot, the facility consists of two groups of four courts bisected by bleachers.

Monday-Friday: 6:00 PM - 10:00 PM

▼   Aquatics Dependent Policy (Age 15 and Under)
  1. Per Department of Campus Recreation Dependent Policy, Children age 15 and under must be directly supervised by parents.  Direct supervision is defined as parent or guardian must be no further than 20 feet apart and actively participating in the same activity as the child.
  2. Children or their siblings may not swim in or be on the deck of any area of the pool during non-dependent hours unless taking a group swim lesson or private swim lesson.
  3. All non-swimmers 15 and under must wear a lifejacket.


Friday 4:00 PM - 9:00 PM

Saturday 8:00 AM - 8:00 PM

Sunday 1:00 PM - 8:00 PM