Advocate Program

The USA Advocate Program (AP) is an essential component in the University’s effort to provide support and assistance to individuals who report sexual violence.  The AP provides confidential, supportive services to complainants in the Title IX Complaint Resolution Process, individuals who report sexual assault, domestic violence and sexual harassment.  Support Advocates serve as a linkage to campus and community resources and offer services 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  Support Advocates can be contacted by the individual who reports sexual violence or by someone else on behalf of the person.  Advocates provide emotional support and resources, attend meetings and hearings as well as assist in coordinating services (i.e. filing a police report, medical treatment, academic assistance, alternate housing assignment, counseling services, etc.).  Advocates have been formally trained and are faculty/staff, alumni or graduate students at the University. 

You can contact a support advocate by calling (251) 460-7151 (during regular office hours) or (251) 341-9884 (after office hours).


FeAunte' Preyear
Advocate Program Coordinator 
Title IX Specialist
Student Affairs, SC Room 245
(251) 461-1892

Support Advocates

Julia Kristman
Academic Advisor
Academic Advising & Transfer Services
1375 Academic Services Center

Tina Zdenek
Department of Physics
411 N University Blvd., MSPB 115