Leadership Baldwin County

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About Us

Leadership Baldwin County is a program designed to identify current and potential leaders and enhance leadership in Baldwin County, Alabama. The program unites people from various areas of the county and addresses issues from a county-wide perspective. Leadership Baldwin County offers its members a broad range of experiences and insights about the county, its people, its needs, its services, its challenges and opportunities. Leadership Baldwin County enhances the development of long-term leadership in the county by:

  • identifying existing and emerging leaders from various geographic, ethnic, occupational, and economic segments of the county who have a sincere commitment to the area.

  • acquainting program participants with a wide range of community issues, resources, and opportunities which exist in our diverse county.

  • increasing the leadership skills of the participants and developing a spirit of unity which will provide common ground for working together on present and future issues. Baldwin County United is a county-wide civic organization which serves as a vehicle for Leadership graduates to continue their involvement and participation on a county-wide level.

  • providing the participants an opportunity to meet and exchange ideas with each other and existing community leaders.

  • helping participants discover common ground and develop a broader perspective about our county and its future.