Leadership Baldwin County

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Program Sponsors

Leadership  Baldwin  County  was  established in  1989 by the University of South  Alabama Baldwin County and Baldwin County United. Both the University of South  Alabama  Baldwin  County  and  Baldwin  County  United continue to sponsor the  program and members from both organizations are represented on an administrative  steering  committee. The  joint  committee  guides  the  Leadership  Baldwin  County  program  structure,  budget, fees  and candidate selection.

The University of South Alabama Baldwin County

USA Baldwin CountyThe Baldwin County Campus of the University of South Alabama was established in 1984. The Baldwin County Campus is located in downtown Fairhope, Alabama and provides a strong academic resource for people in Baldwin County. USABC offers upper-level (junior and senior) undergraduate courses, graduate courses, and non-credit programs. USABC is accredited as a branch campus by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools. This campus has approval from the accrediting agency and the Alabama Commission on Higher Education to offer courses leading to the following bachelor’s degrees: Adult Interdisciplinary Studies, Business Administration, Communication – Public Relations Track, Criminal Justice, Elementary Education and Nursing – Traditional and Accelerated Track.  Minors in Communication and Psychology are also offered.  In addition, students can earn a master’s degree in School Counseling and Nursing – Accelerated Track.  Graduate level courses are offered leading to a degree in Educational Administration and Special Education.  A master’s degree in Elementary Education can be earned online.  The Baldwin County Campus supports the University’s mission of public service by working cooperatively with community organizations. Please visit the University of South Alabama Baldwin County Campus online for more information.

Baldwin County United

Baldwin County UnitedBaldwin County  United was  founded  in  1984,  as  a  response  to  the  unprecedented  growth  in  Baldwin  County  and  the  problems  resulting  from  that  growth.  The        purpose  of  Baldwin  County  United  is  to  promote,   support  and  encourage understanding between Baldwin County’s diverse communities  through  cooperative  actions designed to  improve the  economic well-being  and  quality  of  life  for citizens  living  within  the community of  Baldwin  County.  Baldwin County United is a progressive and financially stable organization with a  balanced  membership that represents the entire  county. It is a highly effective institution that has a reputation  for the fair  and balanced examination   of   issues.   Dedicated  to  consensus  building,   Baldwin  County   United   works   to  promote  understanding  and relationships. The  organization  acts as a bridge builder  between  neighbors  within  Baldwin  County and between  Baldwin  County  residents and residents  of other  counties.  For  more  information  about Baldwin County United, please call (251) 929-7927.