Criminal Justice Classes for Summer & Fall 2017

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We invite you consider some of our Criminal Justice course offerings for the summer and fall. This fall, we are offering several core courses as well as the Criminology of Armed Conflict. Don't forget that this summer we will offer CJ 360 and a 390, which is a course on Terrorism and State Crime!  

The Baldwin County campus is located in downtown Fairhope, just a few blocks from the Fairhope pier, and offers flexible and comfortable classes, free snacks, and a convenient two-day a week schedule for criminal justice classes.  And, parking is always accessible.

We offer the full-range of required and elective classes for a major or minor in criminal justice as well as internships at a variety of agencies in the area. Courses include the following:

Baldwin County Classes: Each Class is once a week, on Tuesday or Thursday

  • CJ 320: Modern Police Functions. Tuesday 3:00 to 5:30

The class focuses on how modern police forces work and includes guest speakers from a variety of agencies. 

  • CJ 360: Introduction to the Offender. Tuesday 6:00 to 8:30

This is an interesting survey of various schools of criminological thought.  We study exactly why people commit crime from a variety of perspectives and address modern developments in theory and how we can apply this to the current political environment. This is an excellent course for forensic science minors as well.

  • CJ 330: Judicial Process.  Thursday 3:00 to 5:30

This course is designed from a practitioner's point of view.  We examine the court systems in the United States and how they function taking into account current events and the current sociopolitical environment. 

  • CJ 390: Criminology of Armed Conflict.  Thursday 6:00 to 8:30

This particular class focuses on a relatively new topic in criminology. We study why crime occurs during armed conflicts as well as what types of crimes occur. We focus on case studies and draw extensively from the peace and conflict studies literature as well as the history of war crimes. This promises to be a very interesting course. 

We also offer courses in communications, sociology, psychology, and emergency medicine. USA Baldwin has a full range of student services available including advising, library services, computer labs, student lounge, and a student gym.   

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