A Minor in Criminal Justice for Psychology Majors

Posted on November 29, 2016 by

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Psychology and criminal justice are closely related fields, with many sub-fields within criminology focusing on the psychology of criminals. Criminal justice encompasses an extremely large system with multiple opportunities for students with a major in psychology.  In addition to traditional criminal justice positions, there are many jobs that involve working with criminals or victims in a non-adversarial capacity.  

These include rehabilitation programs as well as victim advocacy groups. Students benefit a great deal from having an overall understanding of the criminal justice system and how this can affect individuals involved in it and would be particularly well-suited for roles working with those involved in the system. There are also several opportunities with a minor in criminal justice to focus on juvenile offenders if a student is interested in working with that particular population.  

Juvenile delinquency is one of the primary concerns of the criminal justice system, and there are multiple classes that focus mainly on this particular group, and what can be done to help at both the micro and macro levels. Forensic psychology is a particular focus of psychology done at the graduate level, but an undergraduate major provides a basis for better understanding the context of criminality in an individual. Since psychology is not that distant from criminology, there is a great deal of overlap in the basic foundations since both are social sciences. This allows a minor in criminal justice to greatly augment the knowledge gained in the psychology major. 

Learn more by contacting Criminal Justice Instructor Michael Hollingsworth at mhollingsworth@southalabama.edu or check out available courses on our Spring 2017 class schedule.


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