A Minor in Criminal Justice for Communications Majors

Posted on November 28, 2016 by

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Criminal justice is constantly in the media, but beyond this, a minor in criminal justice opens unique opportunities for communications majors. Criminal justice, as a discipline, covers how the actual system of justice is administered in a country. Knowledge of this system provides insights on how the interrelated parts of policing, courts, and corrections work and how they further interact with society.  It is a policy driven field with many political ramifications.  

Knowledge of the criminal justice system and the agencies within it prepares communications professionals to work within the criminal justice field. Larger organizations are increasingly aware of the need for inter-departmental communication and effective external communications. These positions are often non-sworn positions, meaning that no academy training is required.  

Many communications professionals have roles such as community relations, coordinating inter-departmental communications, improving supervisor-supervisee relations and communication, and coordination of dissemination of public information during times of emergency or threat. Other opportunities in the criminal justice system include working in the court system. They also employ individuals to coordinate external communications, improve communication among different sections of the court structure, and manage court systems.  

Communications provides a flexible degree leading to many job opportunities.  Combining this with a criminal justice minor opens up opportunities in one of the fastest growing fields and provides knowledge of a discipline which is always relevant and always highly visible to the public. 

Learn more by contacting Criminal Justice Instructor Michael Hollingsworth at mhollingsworth@southalabama.edu or checking out our Spring 2017 class schedule.

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