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Journal of Visualized Experiments
is an on-line journal with many useful procedures presented as short videos.

The Isolated Heart

The Isolated Blood And Perfusion Fluid Perfused Heart. Fiona J Sutherland and David J Hearse

Isolated cardiomyocytes

Isolation of Rabbit Cardiomyocytes. Stephen C Armstrong and Olaf Oldenburg

Isolation of Ventricular Myocytes from Adult Rat. Race L. Kao

Isolation of Swine Cardiomyocytes. Christy Shivell and Charles Ganote

The Worthington tissue dissociation guide *

Sigma Cell Culture Handbook *

Measuring Ischemic injury

Measuring infarct size by the tetrazolium method. James M. Downey

How to produce infarction in the mouse in vivo. Yiru Guo et al.


B-D protein protocols * (western blotting, kinase assays, etc,)

Invitrogen molecular biology protocols * (RT-PCR, transfection, cell culture, etc.)

Sigma Aldrich Enzyme Explorer * (contains indices, technical information and assay procedures for over 1,700 enzymes, 900 inhibitors, 600 substrates and 100 cofactors)


Measuring Single L-Type Ca Channel Activity in Isolated Heart Cells. Ira Josephson and Antonio Guia

Whole-Cell Voltage Clamp of Isolated Heart Cells. Gordon M. Wahler

Molecular Diversity of K+ Channels. W.A Coetzee et al. * A Compilation of published data.

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