Gecko patterning...



Here is Gecko #682:


We isolate the pattern on his head:


And compute pattern statistics: the fractional area and eccentricity of the spots.


This is the phenotype of the head patterning of Gecko #682 and 7 other geckos we looked at.



Gecko Phenotypes






Here is the phenotype cloud

for Gecko #682.


This is variation in the pattern that our model predicts would occur just to random chance. If Gecko #682 was conceived and hatched 1000 times, with the exact same genes and environmental influences, we think the pattern would vary this much just due to randomness. We want to study the role of randomness in creating the different patterns.



Phenotype Cloud







First, the patterns do not look that different. They are roughly pretty similar. But still, no two of these patterns are ever exactly alike.





This movie aims to show the role of randomness on the pattern during development with four examples. All four of these patterns had the exact same parameters for the role of genes and environment.


However, they all started with different random initial conditions for the hypothesized cell or chemical distribution involved in patterning.


The parameters used for these simulations were the ones identified as likely to result in pattern #682.