Maria Kiskowski Byrne


Assistant Professor

Department of Mathematics and Statistics

University of South Alabama

Phone: (251) 460 7256

Office: ILB 424





Curriculum Vitae


Mathematical Modeling Applied to Biological Problems


My research area focuses on modeling complex biological phenomena as discrete particle systems. My interests are in modeling biological pattern formation based on biologically motivated rules, simulating the stochastic effects of discrete interactions, and finding ways to extract and infer information from observables (inverse problems). Past and current projects include topics in development, cell membrane biology, and cancer modeling.


Streams, Orbits spontaneously form in silico


(Simulation of Myxobacteria)


UCUR Undergraduate Research Program

UCUR provides a limited number of Summer Research Fellowships designed to encourage Junior and Senior students to become involved in research in their major discipline. This multi-disciplinary program runs for 10 weeks during the summer each year. To participate, you need to find a mentor in your discipline and submit an application.



Summer 2011 UCUR Project on Reaction Diffusion


Summer 2013 REU Project on Estimating PDE Activity


Summer 2015 UCUR Project on Vascular Stent Healing


Please contact me if you are looking for a mentor in math biology.






Interdisciplinary Collaborations



Working at the interface of mathematics, biology and physics, I find that there are many opportunities for cross-disciplinary activities. If you are interested in talking about your biological or math modeling problem, please contact me.







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