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Video resources for Ma 112, page 1

This is page 1 of a sequence of video pages that outline Ma 112, precalculus 1, taught at the University of South Alabama.

All the videos here have been produced by either Kent Murdick (Lutemann) or Scott Carter (Professor Elvis Zap). The videos are available at youtube under Lutemann or ProfessorElvisZap. Most of the videos were prepared in 1 or 2 takes. When errors were discovered, some graphical editing was performed. If glaring errors exist, then please let us know and we will correct them.

Students should be aware that by clicking on the video to open the associated youtube window, related videos as sorted by youtube appear. You might also find these helpful.

Most importantly, the department wishes to emphasize that watching videos is no substitute for attending class!

In addition, the most effective way of learning mathematics is to attempt to work problems and to continue attempting until you obtain a solutions. Consider the following problem solving strategies:

  • try to understand a more simple problem;
  • read the associated text;
  • ask an expert (your professor or a peer tutor);
  • rework the problem independently;
  • when you use a formula, write the formula down before you use it --- doing so will help you remember the formula;
  • keep a notebook of solved problems;
  • don't get discouraged --- we all learn from our mistakes;
  • many people who are not as smart as you are have succeeded in this course;
  • throw away techniques and solutions that don't work.