School Bus Laws in Alabama

Shot 1 of 6: West bound school bus pulls up to the north west of the intersection.

Shot 2 of 6: On coming traffic is not required to stop. Yellow lights don't seem to bother the east bound driver of the van either.

Shot 3 of 6: The bus driver proceeds west bound. The child whom she just let off wants to cross to the south side of the street.

Shot 4 of 6: The bus drives off with the child on the north side of the road.

Shot 5 of 6: Somewhat later he makes his way to the south side.

Shot 6 of 6: The boy is on his way home on the south side, but the sidewalks are on the north side of the street. The next crosswalk is 1/2 west of here, pooly painted, and there are no sidewalks on the south side.

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