P. E. Zap (my alter ego) leads the band THE ANTEATERS. They have recorded the tape MAMMALS SUCK.

Here are 3 samples.

The Calculus Rap summarizes first term calculus in 8 minutes or less. The sample is shorter. God's volume of Bourbaki is composed in rhyming Homeric couplets.

This is an instrumental piece called Meditation. That's Zap dubbing two guitars and Lee Scott on key boards.

This is a computer blues song called Future Shock. Lee Scott on keyboards, Lane Heirs on Drums. P. E. Zap on guitar and vocals. If you want the full 8 song cassette, send e-mail and money.

Peppermint Plazma by Professor Elvis Zap

This music (if you call it that) is published and copyrighted by me, so there. You can download it for free and give me a record deal. Here  are the songs, almost all original compositions except Happy Together which is a Turtles tune. This is my arrangment.

Teenage Anxiety Overture ---This took 25 years to complete.

On the Right Road --- Blues in 5.

Content in Love --- Ripped off from the standard source.

infinity--- Imagine music for an escalator, and let it cycle.

XBDITE--- Xenakis, Bach, and Daud mixed together.

Prelude in C --- another Bach ripoff.

Long Funky Argument --- what argument isn't?

New York City --- A prayer for peace 91101.

My Birthday --- written for me by me.

Percussion Invention--- fun for a percussion ensemble.

Happy Together --- with a bullet.

Fiddendbowah --- I am about to leave.

Sitting behind the question of time  by Professor Elvis Zap

The title was inspired by an afternoon at Hunt Cliff in Atlanta with Lee Scott. The question was the shape of the island in the river. It was a time without time pressure.
It is more synth music produced in the living room with a lot of notes drawn in ---  the sequencing program went out of wack with software updates. Of course, Lucy in the Sky and Dance of the Siamese Children are unauthorized covers. I think Paul owns Rogers and Hamerstein, and Michael Jackson owns the Beatles. Either one can call me with complaints. I did these arrangements.

Didactic Dialectic. There is a dichotomy between the two sections.

Waltz in C. Shall we dance?

String Doctor Basic minor key syth groove with lots of over lays.

Dance of the Siamese Children. Arranged for Percussion Ensemble.

I know there is something missing. Based on "I know the pieces fit." The title was an accident.

Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds. My uncle Howard turned me on to the Beatles with Sargent Pepper.

Muscle Shoals. A tribute to Alabama's most famous recording studio.

Chrome Fenders. Sounds I heard in my sleep form the background.

Seven Cowboys Disco. Written in 7/4 with a cowboy sound in the middle.

The Color of Rain. Soundscape largely improvised.

Redneck Detective. Chases down cheating husbands in cheap motels.

Ever Fading and I. Tribute to Lee Scott

Life's Transformation.Some things only seem to change.

Surfing Dude.Might as well be a theme for a video game.


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