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Scott Carter's Home Page

J. Scott Carter
Professor of Mathematics
Department of Mathematics and Statistics
ILB 325
University of South Alabama
Mobile, AL 36688-0002

(251) 460-6264 / (251)-460-7969 FAX
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Office Hours Fall 2012: MWF 10:11:30 AM. Also, please if you can't see me at that time, call my office to make an alternative appointment.

  • I am a managing editor of Journal of Knot Theory and its Ramifications. LaTeX style files for journal submissions are found here. They are down-loadable from here.

  • Here is an outline of what you will find on these pages.
  • Classes.
  • ****New item: Here is a link to some new worksheets for Jamie Vicary's program globular.
  • Video outline of precalculus 1, Ma 112 .
  • Video outline of Calculus 1, Ma 125 .
  • Curriculum Vita.
  • Beamer and/or Transparencies of old talks.
  • Flier for a talk at The Mobile Math Society.
  • Mobile County Public Schools, Magnet School Bus Policy.
  • Application Materials for the position of Dean, College of Arts and Sciences, University of South Alabama.
  • Links to instructional videos. Professor Elvis Zap gives 10 minute talks on math topics.
  • Math art: The drawings in these pages relates directly to research in one way or another.
  • Seifert Algorithm: The drawings here relate to a paper that I wrote with Masahico Saito on constructing a solid bounded by a surface in 4-dimensions.
  • The Sphere Eversion: A link to John Armstrong's blog. John kindly posted several files for the sphere eversion
  • Music: Here are some samples of my band, The Anteaters, from our cassette album MAMMALS SUCK. e-mail to order a copy. Also the songs from Professor Elvis Zap's two CDs, "Pepperment Plazma" and "Sitting Behind the Question of Time" are here
  • Quantum Gravity Topological Quantum Field Theory Blues : Link to Professor Zap's Youtube page (ProfessorElvisZap). Other things are there as well.
  • Poems: I never knew anyone who didn't at least try to write a poem. Here are some of my attempts.
  • Photos: No explanation needed.
  • Administrative forms.
  • FAQ for university students and others.

  • Some of my favorite blogs:
  • n-category cafe.
  • Secret Blogging Seminar.
  • God Plays Dice.
  • Mathematics under the Microscope.
  • The Unapologetic Mathematician.
  • Sketches of Topology.
  • Math Overflow
  • Useful Information Share: This is a blog being developed by Steve Solun as a compendium of interesting stuff. Check it out.

  • Please feel free to offer me a high paying job, or to nominate me for a prestigious grant. I will gladly split with you any lottery ticket you buy.

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