Magnet School Bus Policy Changes

For parents of children in the Mobile County Public School System (MCPSS) here is information about the new school bus policy. If you share my outrage please contact all parties to affect a change immediately!

Here is a poster from the State Department of Education Propaganda Ministry.

The State Department of Education had placed 18 of these around the Mobile Area. The contract with Lamar advertising is throughout the state. Let's assume that throughout the state there are a total of 90 such signs. That number seems conservative to me, and if someone provides me with accurate information, I will revise this cost estimate. Lamar advertising posts its rates here. According to my reading of the map , this is a group 20 advertisement. How much did the State Department of Education pay for this ad?

How many parents will visit their children's schools because of this ad? Is this money well spent? The State Department is willing to pull 1.8 million dollars from school bus transportation, but feels that these communications are effective. I, for one, would have ignored the ad had my child's bus service been maintained.

  • Dr. Roy Nichols, Superintentent.
  • School Board Contacts
  • In particular, Judy Stout 251-221-4387,
  • Mobile Press Register
  • State Department of Education In particular Dr. Joseph Morton 334-242-4387,
  • Governor Riley's office. In particular, email the governor, or phone 334-242-7100.

  • All information on these pages was found in public sources.

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