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Ufish Thoughts

As in fours did forms appear
Swept away thoughts
Some parts in parcel here
With force informed in forms so clear.

Once swept beneath the silent seas
Of disregard
In lights did these
Words in touch enlight and please.

As if in words this world sprang forth:
thoughts without thought
Search the void in conscious form
To mean the means that thought was formed.

Some Haiku


Pens, pencils, paper
they attempt to solve problems
that teachers set forth.

Social Protest

On Sheridan Road
Loud tape sings reggae music
Roll the windows down.


The Saxaphone God
Coltrane: hot winter whiskey
blow cool summer breeze.

Travelling alone

Mile thirty-thousand
Steam rises from yellow piss
relief as cars pass

Skin Bracer

My fathers whiskers
Scratch my lips, his cheek I kiss
Rough shaved many times.

Conference Haiku

Her Words Reecho
Blackboards and Cinder Block Walls:
A Technical Talk

A Glance to the Side

Inner Light glows red
Scientist eyes reflected
Thought's passion revealed

Afternoon Nap

She breathes as she sleeps
Her head resting on my lap
The cat's on her legs.

Nakanishi's Socks

Nakanishi's socks
Ten chambers, one for each toe
His feet must be warm.

Liquifaction / Quantum Waves

These mountains our voices make
and through this valley
a river of meaning runs
a spectral display of sounds which
if we could see, would seem
very much like that other world:
our mind visions.

And this world dissolves into sounds:
different wave forms
like T.V. it passes through
our bodies also dissolved and free.

The solid sounds mountains
real as light solid stopped
to see the whisper willow
shake gently in the water.

Topologist Conference

Their hair wears thin
Their dynamically expanding
grey jello brains
obstructed against a thick wall
The frontiers of knowledge.

Greyhound Blues

He loads the vending machine
at the greyhound station
His life is simple, pure
His soul is not lacking

His voice
is clear as he speaks the blues.

He has seen the weary travelers
He does not travel much now
Those days are gone
He drinks beer
He smokes King Edward cigars

His voice
is clear as he speaks the blues.

His yellowed eyes shine with smile
He remembers the way his life has run
A tear softly breaks
He blinks

His voice
is clear as he speaks the blues.

Naked Dreams

I'm naked in these dreams
unarmed completely free
vulnerable and frail

I'm naked in these dreams
crossing mud bridges
tripping on the tangles of dead cudzoo

I'm naked in these dreams
muscles in my legs aware
as I run, full of breath
in antelope strides

I'm naked in these dreams
shielded by my aura
as I travel through grey cities
unseen, yet I see

I'm naked in these dreams


These matters are
politically controversial
is spent
more than
is at stake

Godot, Detroit, and Pending Unemployment

Sirens sceam our anguish
Marking time in this soul-less city:
Decayed beyond funky:
The Pheonix too tired
to rise from ashes
of a riot twenty one years ago.

Defeat waiting before we start
our ideas crushed
as they leave our mouths

As if in queue, we wait
The hope of spring dashed
Another day of freezing cold
Another day yet in limbo.

This next is acutally a song. I play it in E, but beware the rhythm is a little bit strange because the lyric to the refrain holds out a couple of extra beats.

The Quantum Gravity Topological Quantum Field Theory Blues

I've been calculating
I said I've been calculating
calculating all night long

Got a quasi- triangular Hopf algebra
and I wrote down the coproduct wrong.

I've been integrating
integrating the whole day through
I said I've been integrating
integrating the whole day through
Got a Chern-Simons functional integral
and its convergent, too.

I've been writing down knot diagrams
converting them to braids
Using the Alexander isotopy
you know I'm not afraid
I've been
assigning modules
to each of these six strings
been doin' it for weeks now
and I still don't understand a thing.

I've got them old Quantum Gravity
Topological Quantum Field Theory Blues
I've got them old Quantum Gravity
Topological Quantum Field Theory Blues
And without NSF funding I think that you would, too.

This is on the Anteaters Tape.

Calculus Rap

I'm a going to tell you all you need to know
To be the master rapper of the calculus show:
Now the first thing you do is to take the limit;
Yes that's right, that's how to begin it.
You don't need to use epsilon delta stuff,
Four simple rules are going to be enough:

The limit of a constant is still a constant
And the limit of a sum is the sum of the limits
The limit of a product is the product of the limits
And the limit of the quotient is the quotient of the limits
provided that the limit of the denominator is not zero.
This last condition is certainly necessary
for in this case you must be clever!

Now the thing upon which we will take the limit
is an object known as the Newton quotient
It's a simple object so will you repeat it:
Say ef of ex plus delta ex minus ef of ex over delta ex
Say ef of ex plus delta ex minus ef of ex over delta ex
Now this here limit is evavaluated as delta ex approaches zero
Given a function when you take this limit
The resulting quantity is called the derivative
But in general it is quite inefficient
To take the derivative by using the limit
SO a few simple rules will help you in fact
Master the world of the calculus rap.

The power rule is very simple
using it will cure your pimples
See the derivative of ex to the en
is en times ex to the en minus one
en times ex to the en minus one
don't be frightened don't be scared
differentiate the function ex squared
Yes the derivative of ex to the two
is two times ex

And any old fat headed thick skulled rube
Can differentiate the function ex cubed
Yes the derivative of ex to the three
is three times ex to the two

The next of the rules that we will employ
Is the product rule so stop calling me "Boy!"
The derivative of how times doo
is do dee how plus how dee doo

Where the conotation of the notation dee
Is to differentiate, naturally.

Now the next of the rules ain't a rule for fools
this here rule is the quotient rule
Yes the derivative of hi over ho
is ho dee hi minus hi dee ho
over ho ho

And the next few functions will not make you go mental
these are the functions that are called transcendental
Say derivative of the sine of ex is
the cosine of ex.
And the derivative of the cosine of ex is
minus the sine of ex.
And the derivative of ee to the ex is
ee to the ex.
And the derivative of the natural log of ex is
one over ex.

The next of the rules is the golden rule
This here rule is called the chain rule
We apply it to the composite of functions
it is very much like peeling an onion
layer by layer oh yes it's a fun one:
Now suppose that a function ach of ex
can be written in the form ef of gee of ex
Then the derivative of ach of ex
is the derivative of ef at gee of ex
times the derivative of gee at ex
We often say dee why dee ex
is dee why dee you times dee you dee ex
where why is ef and you is gee
why is ef and you is gee
but it's alphabet soup if you want to ask me

Now put on your coat and put on your hat
Since you have completed the calculus rap
Yes put on your shoes and put on your pants
Because in the next song we do the calculus dance!

Copywrite 1988 By J. Scott Carter (P. E. Zap)
Published Lobe Current Music and BMI.
All right reserved.

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