A Seifert Algorithm for Knotted Surfaces

A bunch of cross sections of a knotted surface are illustrated below. With time I will draw these in more detail and color. Read Further.

In the paper " A Seifert Algorithm for Knotted Surfaces " by Carter and Saito a Seifert solid is constructed algorithmically for any oriented knotted surface in 4-space. One such example is given in Fox's famous paper " A Quick Trip Through Knot Theory ". Here we depict this knotted surface as a broken surface diagram, and we depict the Seifert shells that come from the algorithm. Example 12 is known to be a 3 twist spun trefoil. In our paper, we show that the surface bounds a 3-manifold that is a (3,1) Lens space connected sum with 3 copies of the cartesean product of a sphere and a circle.


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