Professor Elvis Zap's Video page

Here are the links to Professor Elvis P. Zap's instructional videos.

  • Completing the Square #1. Specific cases and general case.
  • Completing the Square #2. Specific case and using this to graph a parabola.
  • Solving inequalities involving absolute values. If a is less than b, then a is to the left of b. Absolute value is the distance to 0.
  • Proving the Chain rule. Uses that the derivative is the best linear approximation of a function.
  • Drawing the hypercube #1. Freehand drawing of the hypercube on the chaulk board.
  • Drawing the hypercube #2. Rough indication of the locality of the 1 element and the 3 element subsets. See also Pascal's hypercube.
  • Translations of absolute value functions.
  • Forms of the equations of lines.
  • The Derivative of a multivariable function.
  • The slopes of perpendiculars.
  • The techniques of movies.
  • Boy's Surface.
  • From a pair of points to a line and a circle
  • The rules of logarithms. Let's start to get funky y'all!
  • Basic Linear Algebra Definitions
  • The calculus rap!
  • Sign charts to solve inequalities.
  • Example computations using the chain rule.
  • Adding consecutive odd integers.
  • Graphing a sine function.
  • Count-by.
  • Linear map from the plane to the line.
  • More soon

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