My father, Pal Benko, is an International Chess Grandmaster. He has been twice a candidate for the World Championship and he has finished atop eight U.S. Open Chess Championships.

I am an expert level chess player. I can also play blindfold.

I used to be interested in artificial intelligence, as a student I have written a mastermind playing program and a gomoku program. (Gomoku is also known as 5-in a row.)

In 1997 world champion Kasparov was defeated by Deep Blue with a score 3,5 : 2:5. In 2005 Hydra had a huge 5,5 : 0.5 victory over a leading grandmaster Michael Adams. Hydra is a chess supercomputer (like Deep Blue). It has 32 linked processors and it can analyse 200 million chess moves in a second. The Elo (playing power) of Hydra is estimated over 3000. In 2005 Shredder 9.0 was the best program running on personal computers. Its Elo rating was 2821 (on a slow 1.2 GHz machine). Kasparov had an Elo 2812 when he retired. In 2010 the best program is Rybka, available for personal computers with Elo 3213.

chess board

chess board after geometric inversion

Here is a very nice puzzle, white to move and mate in 3 moves:

and here is another one, white to move and mate in 4 moves: