Student evaluations 

from my College Algebra and Business Calculus classes

(Exact quotes)

"Professor Benko was an excellent instructor for this college algebra course. I am terrible in math, and anything with numbers, but Prof. Benko was always clear in each step of his teaching. If anyone had any questions, he was always willing to go over any problems - again and again until it was understood. He did this with a smile and in good humor. Never did he make anyone feel that their question was silly, or not appropriate, which encouraged more people to ask questions in class."

"Excellent instruction by a fine professor who: obviously has thorough knowledge of mathematics, explanations are clear, thorough and at a level everyone can understand. Shows great concern for whether students absorb the concepts. Great reviews for tests. Homework questions were just about right. Answered questions willingly and completely. Does everything possible to facilitate learning except open the student's head and put the book inside. Makes the class enjoyable, good learning environment. I enjoyed the class and learned quite a bit."

"Mr. Benko presents lessons in a clear and concise fashion and employs numerous techniques to facilitate class participation and understanding. His use of examples helps to simplify more abstract or difficult concepts while maintaining a pace appropriate to a college level course. Moreover, he demonstrates a great wealth of knowledge and is always prepared and on time for the classes. He makes himself available to students both before and after class and in excess of established office hours. Mr. Benko has distinguished himself as an excellent instructor."

"He provided very good explanations of how to work problems. I felt very comfortable asking him questions because he would always answer it and explain it till you understand it. The homework and tests were good. I never thought I would say this, but I actually enjoyed this math class and felt it was useful."

"David provided clear explanations. I felt very comfortable asking questions. The tests and homework were consistent with the class objectives. Although I am an accounting major, I found the class very useful!"

"I've really enjoyed this semester. Being able to understand what he was saying was a big advantage."

"The way the instructor teaches algebra really helped me understand it. I am really not very good with algebra, but the way he teaches goes step by step. It was very helpful."

"The class went at a decent pace. There were some chapters that were harder than others and may have required more time, but overall the class was very good. I felt the ease of asking questions very comforting and overall liked the class. My grade in the class is a reflection of my laziness and not of the teacher's."

"Explanation of material was excellent. He often included tips for remembering procedure of easier way to solve. Professor was open to questions and concerns always answered in a clear way, easy to understand, and repeated as often as necessary until understood finally. We fell comfortable asking questions. Prof. was also open to the need of students with disabilities."

"David was an excellent instructor. Calculus is a very difficult subject, however he did a wonderful job explaining the material. He has a very strong knowledge of the material. If we don't understand something he will go over it until it is clear. He also makes sure we understand the material. I have really learned a lot in this class. I would recommend taking his class to my friends. Good job David."

"Mr. Benko is an excellent instructor, very easy to understand. Explains assignment in a way that is clear to follow. I feel comfortable asking questions and asking for extra help. The homework is very fair and he even has fair tests. I enjoy this class very much due to his teaching style and helpful attitude. He always stays late after class to help and explain further. I would recommend Benko to anyone. Thanks for everything. I feel proud of myself and how well I did in this class."

"I liked the class, the instructor was very informative and thorough with his lessons."

"The class was better than I expected. The pace, teaching method, amount of homework, and free transmission of ideas were superior. For this class and the teaching I have no complaints, and would recommend both highly."

"I think that he is a great professor. He explained everything clearly and made sure that we comprehend the material. He was also interesting and enlightening. He made me as a student feel comfortable and accepted. I think he deserve a raise."

"I felt that David Benko was honestly the best math instructor that I've ever had. I took the same class last semester and tried to learn it but the instructor was unable to make sense to me and I got an F. This semester with Benko I will probably get a B."

"The class was a good pace. I felt ok asking questions. The homework was fine so was the class."

"We were able to meet Prof. Benko after class any time. He was always available to assist us. His homework and lectures went in line with his tests."

"I think Mr. Benko was a very good math teacher. This is the first time in 2 years I have taken a math class and he made it easy to understand. For every section we had to study, he spent an entire class period going over problems. He gave us review sheets to help us study for all of our tests. He not only knew what he was teaching, but he made it fun and interesting."

"Because his knowledge of mathematics is so vast he was very thorough, sometimes too thorough. I was very impressed by his knowledge, compassion given that he is not from our country."

"Teacher was available and willing to help all students. Homework was fair. I liked this class."

"Mr. Benko's style of teaching and instruction was very clear and easy to understand. Of all the math classes I have taken, I fell that I have actually come away retaining practical applications. I would love to have him as a professor in another class. In addition, I feel that he encouraged the class to participate in class and ask as many questions is needed to fully understand the material."

"He taught this class very good. He made it easy to comprehend the subject matter. I would definitely recommend him to anyone."

"Very good instructor that seems flexible and willing to work with students to help improve their grade. Always willing to help students."

"David Benko is a very informed calculus instructor. The homework assignments are very helpful along with the instruction. He explains everything very well and never refuses a question. I recommend his class to anyone."

"David Benko's explanations were very clear. The information in the class is very difficult for me, but his teaching strategies helped clear up things a little. He made us feel free to ask questions. I feel he has a great concern for his students. His tests were also reasonably fair."