MA506: Statistics for Teachers

Tue-Thu 4:30 - 5:45 p.m., ILB 405

         Presidents of United States and their ages

         Home run records of players by year

         jitters data

         The Old Faithful geyser data

         SAT scores by state for 1998

         How is arms span related to the height?

         Cereal data

         Methodist ministers in New England and Cuban rum imported to Boston.

         Is height related to the run time for fifth graders?

         Student data.

         Academy Awards

         Flight times of paper helicopters

         Cholesterol levels of smokers and ex-smokers (Excel format)

         Calories consumed and time spent at table (Excel format)

         Pennstate1 data: Survey data from students of Penn State University

         Customer-sales data

         Assignment Completion time data

         Grades of students on two exams

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