Susan Williams: Mathematical Origami

Here's my gallery of origami tessellations representing the 17 wallpaper groups.

Read here about wallpaper groups. Some applets for wallpaper designs: Escher Web Sketch, JWallpaper. Fanatastic kaleidescopes of each symmetry type.

Instructions for my origami trefoil knot. The basic technique comes from Thoki Yenn's Umulius Rectangulum model, so fold that one first!

More origami links

The Origami Revolution, a wonderful Nova program on origami in art, nature and engineering.

Some of Erik Demaine's curved paper sculptures.

Origami Tessellations group on flickr.

Robert Lang's page. One of the grand masters, and a pioneer of mathematical techniques. His pages include numerous articles on mathematics in origami.

Short talk by Lang on ITConverstions about computational origami and his open-source code for origami design.

infinite-origami photos. Lots of tessellations, with some how-to.

Origami Resource Center has many education links. Thomas Hull's book Project Origami describes activities for students.

Posters for my talks Fold It! Origami Mathematics for the Mobile Mathematics Circle and The Artful Mathematics of Origami for the Mobile Mathematical Society. Instructions for Robert Neale's penultimate polyhedra (including the dodecahedron featured in the poster for my talk) can be found on Jim Plank's page.

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