Here are origami examples of all 17 wallpaper groups (with a few repeats). Each is folded flat from a single sheet of paper.  Several designs come from Eric Gjerde’s excellent book, Origami Tessellations.   This was a great project for me, since it forced me to discover or invent some folds of my own.
origami wallpaper tessellations
1. p1: Dove tessellation
2. p2: One-way square twists.
3. pm: Goblets
4. pg: Knit
5. cm:  Fish scales (Robert Lang)
6. pmm: Snakes
7. pmg: Lapped squares
8. pgg: Rhombus weave (Eric Gjerde)
9. cmm: Bath tiles
10. p4: Large/small square twists
10. p4:  Staggered squares
11. p4m: Five and Four (Eric Gjerde)
11. p4m
Bird base (Christiane Bettens)
12. p4g: Square weave (Gjerde)
13. p3: One-way triangle twists
13. p3: One-way open triangle twists
14. p3m1: Tiled hex (Gjerde)
15. p31m: Stacked triangles (Eric Gjerde)
16. p6: Pinwheel (Eric Gjerde)
17. p61m:  Dodecagons