Karen Finklea
PA Liaison
About Me

Karen Finklea is a first-year physician assistant (PA) student currently serving as the PA liaison for the Student-Run Free Clinic. She is originally from Monroeville, AL and is a graduate from the University of South Alabama with a Bachelor of Science degree.

Why I'm grateful for the clinic

As a first-year physician assistant student, the Student-Run Free Clinic was my first exposure toward working directly with patients and applying my newfound medical knowledge. In this aspect, I am grateful for the clinic because it gives students hands-on knowledge that cannot be obtained in a classroom setting and an outlet to practice what has been learned in the classroom. In addition, it provides disciplines the opportunity to come together for the greater good of providing care to individuals who have limited access. Most importantly, I am grateful for the Student-Run Clinic because it gives me the satisfaction of knowing I am completing a lifelong goal of helping those in need.

Fun Fact

I am a certified Youth Mental Health First Aid Instructor.

Karen Finklea