Sana Solangi
Pharmacy Liaison
About Me

I am a first year pharmacy student at Auburn University's Harrison School of Pharmacy on the Mobile Campus.  I have lived in Mississippi my whole life and I'm originally from the Mississippi Gulf Coast.  I attended the University of Southern Mississippi in Hattiesburg and received my Bachelor's Degree in Biology with a Minor in Chemistry.

Why I Am Grateful for the Clinic?

I am grateful for the clinic because it not only provides me with the opportunity to learn, but it also gives me the confidence to help others.  I am able to apply all of the information that is being taught in classes and I can interact with other health care professionals from a variety of fields.  The fact that we can help others at this stage in our career and make a difference is very rewarding, especially when you see the patient leave with more information to help themselves with their health and well-being.

Fun Fact

An interesting fact about me is that I sang in the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, France with my high school concert choir.

Sana Solangi