Kelsey Templeton
About Me

I am a Second Lieutenant of the Unites States Air Force and a second year medical student at the University of South Alabama College of Medicine, currently most interested in going into the field of neurosurgery. I grew up in Brewton, Alabama, and I received my undergraduate degree in Chemistry from the University of Alabama at Birmingham. I spend most of my free time planning my next adventure or attempting to tire out my dog.

Why Am I Grateful for the Clinic?

I am grateful for our clinic because it allows all the disciplines to work together to provide healthcare resources to many people who would otherwise never have the opportunity. We may not all know everything about our fields individually yet since we are still learning, but together we make a cohesive whole that works together to give a well rounded health care experience. We even learn new things from each other every week, adding to our own educational experiences.

Fun Fact

I spend as much time as I can traveling the world, meeting new people and attempting to expose myself to new cultures.

Kelsey Templeton