Healthy Holiday Harvest

Healthy Holiday Harvest Cooking Challenge

Contest Rules

How to Participate

  • Beginning Monday, November 1st, participants will submit a video clip (maximum two minutes) of themselves preparing a healthy holiday dish or dessert.
    • Please provide photos of your dish as well!
  • Submission videos are encouraged to be creative and unique as they will be assessed on presentation, healthiness, and taste (or an appearance of taste).
  • Submission videos should be sent to
  • Each video will then be categorized as “Main Dish”, “Side Dish”, and “Dessert”.
  • Videos will then be uploaded to a shared YouTube channel with JagFIT for access.
  • Submissions can be sent until November 14th.

How to Vote

  • Voting will open on Monday, November 15th.
  • Every two days, a set of videos will appear on the Healthy Holiday Harvest website and voters will select their top three videos in the set.
  • Voting will be done through a Google Form that will be linked to the website page as well.
  • A first-place vote will receive 3 points, a second-place vote will receive 2 points, and a third-place vote will receive 1 point.
  • At the end of two days, the video with the most points will advance to the Final Cookout.
    • The Final Cookout will consist of the winners from each set.
    • Each category will have its own winner determined by the highest amount of points in the Final Cookout and will be awarded a cool prize!
    • The video with the highest overall points in the Final Cookout will win the grand prize, your very own Air Fryer.