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Before beginning this program, you should consult your physician with any concerns regarding your ability to safely participate.

What is a Challenge?

JagFIT@South has been created with a focused approach to elevate health and well-being for the University community. We want to encourage you to Move Your Body, Fuel Smart, Stress Less, and Live Healthy. You pick the challenge! Whether you are interested in walking, running, biking, taking fitness classes, practicing meditation, doing yoga, or just taking part in any number of healthy activities, we have a challenge for you. The information and resources related to each challenge are designed to positively impact your personal well-being and happiness while helping you reach your full potential.  So, get started today and begin developing habits of a healthier lifestyle. 

The JagFIT wellness challenges are an opportunity for all USA employees to participate free of charge, in a structured and supportive program that encourages healthier living through personal participation in a multitude of wellness challenges done at your own pace. Challenges will take place throughout the year and leaders will be recognized monthly on the JagFIT@South webpage and Facebook pages! This will truly be one of those programs that you win just by participating!

How Can I Get That Cool JagFIT T-Shirt?

Every USA employee who registers and completes just two weeks of challenges will be given a stylish JagFIT@South T-shirt free of charge. Also, you will then be eligible for our weekly, randomly drawn, giveaways including JagFIT labeled stainless steel water bottles, JagFIT duffel bags, fitness towels and much more. As you reach certain milestones in each challenge, you will also receive small vinyl stickers to place on your water bottle to proudly symbolize your JagFIT accomplishments! To earn your JagFIT@South T-shirt:

  1. Select the challenge(s) that interest you and register for each.
  2. Set your goal to complete three to five logged events per week for two weeks.  To meet the JagfFit@South challenge, you must complete a minimum of five logged events within two weeks. Stop by one of several locations around the USA main and medical campuses to claim your shirt. It’s that easy!
  3. Try new challenges every week and see how much fun it is to experience a whole new world of healthy living activities that you may have never explored!

How to Win a Challenge?

JagFIT Monthly Individual Challenge Winners:

Individual winners with the highest point total in each challenge will be recognized as our monthly winners and their names will be placed in a drawing for a grand prize to be held at the end of the 2018-19 academic school year. Each JagFIT participant is eligible to compete and win numerous individual challenges throughout the year. Each monthly challenge winner will have their name added into the drawing, so the more monthly challenges you win, the more times your name will be added, increasing your chances to win the JagFIT grand prize.

 Also, to kick off the JagFIT Challenge program, each November and December challenge winner will receive a JagFIT water bottle or JagFIT duffel bag.

*Monthly challenge winners will be asked to verify on their tracking device the accurate logged entries for that month. A minimum number of 8 participants is required to make that challenge group winner eligible for the November and December monthly prize. No minimum number of challenge participants are required to have the monthly winner’s name added into the end of the year grand prize drawing. Monthly challenge results must be posted by 10:00pm of the last day of that month to be counted toward the challenge.

JagFIT Monthly Individual Random Drawing Winners
JagFIT isn’t only about challenge winners, we believe everyone who is logging results into the JagFIT program should be congratulated and recognized by having random drawings for JagFIT prizes. Therefore, at the end of each month, we will have several random prize drawings for everyone who competed and logged results into the program. We will draw for prize winners at the end of each month in a weighted drawing based on the total number of days you logged into the challenges that month. The more days you participated and logged over the month, the more chances you will have to win.

We are working on developing team challenges, where various groups of co-workers, departments, divisions, campuses, etc. can challenge each other with an accumulated total based on average points of each group’s registered participants. The team's AVERAGE score is what counts! The team with the highest average point total at the end of the challenge will be declared the winner!  But this is where you can get even more involved. You can suggest a challenge between two USA groups and email it to us. We will give you a challenge code that can be entered in your log.

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