Wellness Bingo

Wellness Bingo Bash with bingo cards.


A new spin on an old favorite! Wellness bingo incorporates activities in all dimensions of wellness. Participation in daily activities targeted toward your overall wellness can increase the levels of chemicals in the brain, such as serotonin, which change when you exercise. Regular exercise can help you sleep better. And good sleep helps you manage your mood. Exercise can improve your sense of control, coping ability and self-esteem. 



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▼   Program Overview
  • Participants use the link above to sign up! Within 48 hours, participants will receive their own personal BINGO card.
  • Every Monday & Thursday, participants will receive an email from JagFit Constant Contact, with two activities.
  • Participants complete the activities, then mark them on their card.
▼   Bingo Rules
  • While we want to encourage participants to stay active, only those activities emailed should be completed and checked off.
  • All activities are not listed on every BINGO card given.
  • To call BINGO, email jagfit@southalabama.edu with a copy of your marked BINGO card.